The Beginners Guide To Tips (Chapter 1)

The Agape Love from a concerned Mum

I got an invite that sited I should be an attendee on a writing conference and considering I have been a localized sort of proposal manager I was eager to get to travel so that I could work. While it may be awkward when you call engineers to check on some project while someone has sleeping gear on it would be something else to get to travel from area to area in order to get some change in the environment. One should always strive to travel since it would help in relaxation of the mind. Having two kids to take care of is a bit hard and would require much attention making it nearly impossible to check oncoming emails and attend some conferences. Having kids should not make one not be able to carry out their necessary chores so that they sustain themselves but people should plan their time. The only thing that one needs to do is prioritize his work which would therefore ensure that the most important work is done and satisfies everyone . This opportunity to travel gave me a new lease to life. I felt excited and decided to take the nearest airport for my flight and booked an hotel in advance. I took my children to my parents who I couldn’t bear to hide the news from.

Mind you my parents are kind of affectionate. They are all smiles and always wish well for everyone. I alone felt the need to plant some trees in the town which are two miles ahead. I also have people following me in my family who are not as old as I am. I felt like shouting at them my new chance to travel and see the world on the pretext of working. The reason why she became shocked was due to the fact that he didn’t think the prospect of me being in a hotel alone was a good one . She didn’t understand how I would be driven by a total stranger. The older generation don’t know how some things work therefore he was really curious on how a uber works.

My excitement went down a little and I became quiet not knowing what to make of this questions. I became sort of less wordy due to this and hence I had to save my excitement for it would cause other various questions that I couldn’t answer. At many times being silent is the only solution whenever one needs to mitigate a situation. As soon as we were leaving she told me as a mum she needs to ensure that am safe and then and there I knew she meant it. Then I began thinking about my children and as a mother what I would do to always be with them for the most part of my life.